When it comes to appetite, every kid is different. But even the same kid's appetite can change dramatically from month to month. A parent might get used to feeding their baby around the clock, and then suddenly it seems like they never want to eat at all. But they're still growing, right? So what gives?

In this super interesting video from @thepedipals, a pediatrician explains why toddlers might not actually have to eat as much as you think, plus the hidden factors that might be influencing your little one's eating habits. There's so much helpful info here that parents can use!

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It all makes so much sense, right? Of course they're not growing quite as much anymore, so obviously they wouldn't need quite so many calories. It's important to be aware of everything else she mentioned, too, like kids accidentally drinking all their calories and the possibility that they're snacking all day. Then there's the power struggle thing, too. So many reasons why your toddler might not be eating!

Commenters totally related to what this pediatrician had to say. 

"'they're toddlers so they live on drama' I am also a toddler" - Marquita Engram

"My favorite quote from my pedi: 'they're like cats at this age. just leave something out and they'll eat when they want'" - Mailen D

"I heard 3 snacks=a meal. Gave me such relief" - Neida Gonzalez

"Ok. So I'm not failing as a parent" - victoriarmart

It is so important for parents of toddlers to remember that they're not failures if their kids aren't eating three solid meals covering all the food groups! Honestly, it can take a lifetime to make that happen. 

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